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Jim promotes positive growth and fulfillment in his neighborhood and in the people of the organizations he assist so they can contribute to making a meaningful impact on society. 

Jim Woods is a former U.S. Navy Seabee veteran. A sought-after speaker, author, organizational development consultant, and former Boy Scout Woodbadge leader, Jim supports the Lupus Foundation of America since the death of his sister due to the illness. A dedicated global citizen since his service in the U.S. Navy, Jim Woods has served a mission for his church, taught fifth grade math and science and innovation and human resources classes at two universities. To hire Jim to speak please complete the form below. Thank you. 

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Since 1998, Jim Woods has worked with an unusually broad variety of organizations. His clients have included the Army National Guard, MITRE Corporation, and Whirlpool to serving as President of Rotary in Arizona.

Jim Woods is an expert in leadership development and executive coaching.  

Jim Woods specializes in leadership development, employee engagement and customer service. He leverages the latest research on leadership effectiveness coupled with on-the-job experience to deliver practical, high-impact leadership keynotes, workshops and highly effective executive and individual one-on-one coaching.

For over 20 years Jim Woods has worked with organizations to identify and develop high potential leaders. He has designed and facilitated leadership education workshops for corporate clients.

He also coach’s leaders and employees to increase personal effectiveness.  With his blend of consulting and management experience, Jim Woods brings a breadth of understand and insight to “real world” situations.

Jim's rag to riches story resonates

En route to teach college in Johannesburg, South Africa a problem was discovered with his paper work boarding a flight to Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Disappointed in his inability to foresee the problem he called a friend who stated this was a sign from Providence. With only enough money for a flight to Boise, Idaho Jim lived in a homeless shelter for several months. Without friends and money, he took the direction used in his speaking; responsibility and humility. Determined to find the meaning in his ordeal, he looked inward. His tolerance for those who had slipped through the rungs of life’s ladder was such that his new-found humility redirected him. Within three months Jim had successfully reinvented his consulting business and more importantly his authentic self to living in a deluxe condo on Boise’s downtown main street.

 More About Jim Woods. . .

Jim Woods is a member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce. He holds a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources and a bachelor’s degree in business management and leadership.

He is an author, educator and speaker passionate about bridging the gap between management and employee.  Jim Woods specializes in helping successful people become even more successful. Since 2007 he has used the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Process (featured in the New Yorker, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review) working with leaders. He employs the Situational Leadership model from Ken Blanchard. Having worked at Stephen Covey in Provo Utah Jim uses his insights on building high trust environments to build engagement and dramatically improve customer experiences.

He works with companies who want to improve customer retention, become more competitive, reduce attrition and grow heir bottom-line.

Jim is engaged to marry his business partner Lucy Kovalova who he has worked with for more than four years. He is an avid cyclist and gourmet cook. A Whole Foods fanatic Jim claims to be a “poor but passionate dancer.” He is the father of four children and five grandchildren. He is absorbed with making a meaningful difference.

We invite you to hire Jim Woods for your next event. His enthusiasm and business knowledge will enable your employees to become successful, high-potential individuals that want to accelerate their development and help them prepare for roles of greater responsibility.