Lucy Kovalova-Woods, Vice-President Woods Kovalova Group

Lucy Kovalova-Woods, Vice-President Woods Kovalova Group

Lucy Kovalova is Vice-President of Woods Kovalova. She helps businesses embrace change and become world-class innovators. She is also the author of two books on change.

Lucy is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several successful businesses. She founded her previous company KLC organization on the principle that everyone has the power to exceed their expectations; they just need the knowledge and tools to know how. As a globally recognized leadership and small business expert, she helped countless small business leaders unlock new potential and create new value. Her mission, with every audience she meets, is to open people’s minds about the future, provoke fresh thinking around what’s possible, and inspire people to take action.  

Why Lucy? A leader on simplifying small business success from creating business plans, hiring and retaining top talent, innovation and change management.  Lucy presents ideas that turn people from followers to creative leaders. She offers tested tools and takeaways to motivate organizations and individuals to action. Lucy speaks three languages fluently.

A Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Lucy engages audiences and empowers them with practical tools, tips, and resources that they can use to create immediate and effective change.

Praise for Lucy includes: “insightful, engaging and energetic.” Read more of Lucy's testimonials.