What Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence Training Has Your Managers Had?

If you’ve worked in any company, you probably know of management’s attempts to move their idea of ‘diversity’ in the hiring process. While it is a noble cause, they miss the target completely. They bring people of diverse cultures onboard, and yet little is done to increase cultural awareness. In their world, they ‘hire more’ without ‘doing more,’ to understand the people themselves and the rich heritage and experiences that they bring to the table.

Why is there a belief that just having diverse people is enough? What is the disconnect? The heart and soul of diversity is in the people themselves, and everything that involves their history. In many companies, these people feel invisible; their voices never asked for or heard.

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion is a tremendous next step, 1-hour practical training program designed to provide a comprehensive, action-orientated diversity and inclusion skill set for managers.

Your employees can become full participants in the organization's diversity and inclusion process and better meet business objectives by:

  • Fully understanding the diversity and inclusion process and the importance of leveraging diversity.
  • Attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talent.
  • Championing the diversity process within their teams.
  • Creating a workplace that is invigorating, innovative, engaging and where people are excelling.
  • Leveraging the diverse talents, skills and perspectives for innovation and customer service.
  • Tools and job aids are provided to drive immediate implementation of the acquired skills.

Our practical, tactical action plans enable managers to identify and close important diversity and inclusion gaps in their own areas of responsibility.