Since our founding, the Woods Kovalova Group has been at the cutting-edge of leadership development. Coaching has been part of our research and education efforts ever since, starting with our use of 360-feedback for development.

We believe coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, groups, teams, or the entire organization.

Executive Coaching

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Personalized leadership development for ultra-high performance

WKG’s executive coaching provides one-on-one, customized leadership development opportunities for senior managers and executives. The personal, supportive environment provided by a WKG coach will foster new ways of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve significant business results.

A platform (and partner) for success

Our executive coaching framework ensures that the coach and the leader establish a sound, constructive relationship from the outset. Through regular contact, the coach understands strengths and weaknesses, which inform the development of innovative, personalized solutions. WKG experts match leaders from a base of experienced coaching professionals. We will identify coaches that align with the leader’s technical expertise, skill set, personality and language to ensure a productive, rewarding relationship.

Leadership Program Support Coaching

Reaffirm and reinforce leadership lessons.

Leadership Program Support Coaching can multiply the return on your leadership development investment by helping you reinforce and reaffirm the strategies and skills acquired by your team. Our coaching can increase the likelihood of sustainable behavior change and improve performance.

WKG coaching is designed to encourage and motivate participants in the months following a leadership program. It is a pivotal time. Some find it difficult to stay focused on their goals. Others find it challenging to change their actions despite having new knowledge.

Leadership Program Support Coaching enables your team to try new behaviors in the workplace and reflect on the impact, speeding the adoption of productive habits.

WKG can integrate coaching into our custom or open-enrollment leadership development programs to build on individual assessment information, 360-degree feedback, specific program reflections and goal setting.

Leadership training shouldn’t end when participants finish their coursework. Leadership Program Support Coaching ensures the valuable lessons they learned will be remembered, applied and internalized.