How Change Programs Succeed. Can you say, "Dissenters, Rabble Rousers and Trust?

"The urgency for change multiplies with management inefficiency.." Jim Woods

"The urgency for change multiplies with management inefficiency.." Jim Woods

A business is most effective at change when the change must occur now. So be it for visions and forward thinking in the age of uncertainty. The urgency for change multiplies with management inefficiency compressing the time frame for change while diminishing the effectiveness of that change. The change fails more than 70% because employees are in part do not have buy-in or support the initiative despite nodding heads and compliance expectations. In theory, similar to pushing toothpaste back into a tube or pushing a rope. 

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Key components of employee acceptance of change will include compensation, work/culture, empowerment, self-esteem and my favorite; trust.

Not the meeting, not the presentation. Not an initial acknowledging agreement with the change initiative will compel a disengaged employee. Change flourishes where there is trust. 

How do you do this? Build trust not compliance. You got this. Jim.

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Jim Woods is a successful leadership trainer and speaker and executive coach. He speaks on employee engagement, leadership and change management, leading instead of managing and customer service. He is an author, a former fifth grade and university teacher with an impressive resume. He is beloved by audiences. To schedule a speaking engagement with Jim please schedule an engagement here. Go>. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin.

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