Examining Employee Engagement and Innovation

Image courtesy Tom Öhlin

Image courtesy Tom Öhlin

Innovation is terribly elusive in the tightly held bureaucratic silos of many organizations. There may be a few, albeit very few who recognize there is an enormous chasm between their efforts and their achievements.  Strategies have been made, more meetings held, more seminars and communication devices, MBA’s and leadership books than ever before and yet the outputs of exciting new products and services aren’t falling into place.

What can be done?

We can look at the list of successful companies in management books of exemplars and try to learn from their behaviors. It is of course flawed. Some companies have the inherent DNA of innovative practices throughout the organization, not simply in core departments. They hire employees who defy, “My way or the highway” approaches.

They indefatigably execute and innovate in order to achieve a competitive advantage. They take risks, challenge incumbents and question why they can’t be champions.

There are perennial companies such as Apple, Disney, Alibaba and Google with approaches that successfully reinvent themselves horizontally. They consistently look for new and better ways of working. They avoid “tried and true assumptions” of “this is the way we have always done things around here.”

The way for companies and leaders to be more effective is to look at ways to eliminate silos, hire diverse people who lead to diverse innovations that trump traditional champions in a disquieting new normal. Make work a safe place where employees can question ideas and assumptions, even from managers.   

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About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President of Woods Kovalova Group. A leadership and human resources training and development company located in Denver, Colorado. He has been an adjunct professor of business and organizational development at Dickinson College, Villanova, and Colorado Technical University.

Jim Woods President of Woods Kovalova Group, Leadership Expert and Speaker

Jim Woods President of Woods Kovalova Group, Leadership Expert and Speaker

He has a master’s degree in human resources and organizational development from Capella University. The company has a global reach with clients on every continent. We’re a leading corporate learning consultancy that helps some of the most ambitious organizations redefine their future. Our work entails working with our clients as a team with a single objective: to help them achieve the results that matter most to them.

Jim’s main area of expertise is in the improvement of leadership and management of multinational corporations, and on such specific issues as corporate leadership, innovation, unconscious bias, knowledge management, and global customer management. Read more about us.