If you lost everything, what could you make with your life?

If you are struggling in any area of your life and business you should see this. When my marriage of 25 plus years ended I was alone and ashamed. There was no one in the entire world that believed in me. I cried myself to sleep on the beach in San Pedro, Ca crouched in my car. The next step is one you should write down

Sears: Complacency, Despicable Customer Service and Hedge Fund Leaders Better Suited As Hedge Fund Managers

There are countless companies similar to Sears, whose leadership has misconstrued NPS as customer service and dedicated employees as "lucky to have a job." Like cows that know how manure smells, employees dispassionately serve those paragons of the corner offices whose delusions obscure them from the warning signs of Sisyphus.

Bad Traits of Weak Leaders and Impotent Managers

That work ethic has caused me to appreciate people who took such personal responsibility to turn their lives inside out to become so much more when they started out with so little. Which is why I become bereft when I see people from many organizations placate their insecurities by demeaning colleagues and employees whose abilities and ambitions exceed their own.

How to Be Happy and Successful

How many of your dreams will come true? Life is full of uncertainty. Surprises will pop up all along life’s path. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, where you will be in a few years, and what you will be doing? Life is like a suspense novel whose plot is very difficult to guess.

What Characteristics Make a Great CEO Better?

Learn the leadership hacks that can make you a better CEO. As humans, we expect and need every day to have a purpose. We need our lives to count. A true purpose is what allows us to find out who we clearly are, to find the meaning in our work, and discover our talents, competencies, and resources of true pride. it is necessary to ensure a fulfilled and a successful life.

8 Ways to Build Strong Leadership in Turbulent Times

8 Ways to Build Strong Leadership in Turbulent Times

In an unpredictable economy what can you do to lead you team through murky waters and keep them motivated? Leadership is a contact sport. People want to know their leaders. Know your people and the departments they build. Roll your sleeves up and work on the front-lines. Make your supervisors do the same. Get out of the office as the ivory tower has a very different viewpoint than life meticulously cultivated to encourage them vs us.