Jim Woods Podcast: The Re-imagination of Diversity & Leadership

Jim Woods Podcast: The Re-imagination of Diversity & Leadership

A recent study revealed more than one-fifth of respondents indicated their organizations have very informal diversity efforts with nothing structured at all. Furthermore, 41% of study respondents specifying the underlying reason being that they’re “too busy”. Think abo

Making Customer Service Better Than Good Enough

Great companies aren’t built on the listless sands of sustainable practices except excellence. What is customer service. It begins as a mission. An operating policy. Absent of a groan because a customer has called. First make it easier for your customers to locate you. Place your phone number easy to locate.

Before Demanding Your Employees Change, When Was The Last Time You Changed?

Why is the need for change existent only in emergencies? Why not have an engine inspected before the "stop engine light flickers repeatedly?" Why do competitors have to steal our best customers and talent absconds eleswhere before we realize we should have acted sooner? 

15 Ways to Create Raving Fans in Employees and Customers

Innovation of an organization is not completed until employees and customers are respected equally. All organizations preach the mantra of employee engagement combined with improving customer service. They proliferate the traditional assumptions of command and control with smiles. As though senior management aproned, flipping burgers

Nearly 70% of managers are untrainable. Here is what the other 30% do better.

As a management consultant and executive coach, I work quite a lot of people who are shifting from an individual contributor to manager. There are many changes to be aware of during this transition. One of the essential element is the mindset of focus. As an individual contributor, the mindset is about getting things

Three Ways Great Leaders Build Empowerment Through Trust

The element of trust is the most significant challenge facing any organization.  The circle of trust dwindles in command and control systems where it’s “My way of the highway” and “This is the way we have always done things around here.” When managers and leaders foster a command and control style of governing