Recruiting and Retaining Top Performers Webinar

The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies do an awful job of find them.

In this insightful and engaging presentation, Jim will challenge and transform your organization's beliefs about attracting and retaining high performing, high-level talent. His credentialed expertise, experiences and humorous speaking style will get people thinking about how they can make positive changes to get better leaders to join the company and how they can increase their retention.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a more efficient recruitment model.
  • How to define your brand as it relates to attracting top performers.
  • How to make internal adjustments to your current hiring strategies.
  • How to engage prospective talent in conversations about their motivations.
  • How to sell your company effectively to top candidates.

About Jim Woods

 Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods is President and Senior Consultant for Woods Kovalova Group. In this role he is responsible for bringing together Strategy with execution, helping clients to deliver their business strategies and operating models in light of future workforce needs. He is a published author and frequent speaker.

Mr. Woods has more than 20 years of deep leadership and talent development expertise. He founded the company more than twenty years ago where his first client on his first day was Whirlpool Corporation. He works with clients in a variety of industries in the areas of human resources, leadership development, customer service, and organizational effectiveness solutions.  

Mr. Woods earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development and human resources from Capella University. He has taught fifth grade math and science as well as serving as an adjunct professor for Villanova University, Dickinson State University and Colorado Technical University. He is based out of Denver, Colorado.


“Thank you Jim!  This is a huge progress and we could not have done it without you. Woods Kovalova Group not only helped train and implement what was missing, they taught us how to embrace change." Jeremy Breikss

"Jim recently worked for me on a challenging recruitment project for C-Level executive. His responsive and prompt support, his deep knowledge and professional expertise and his integrity and patience made him a pleasure to work with.” Craig Burke, HR

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