Build a highly effective federal government by improving the skills of your workforce 

There are many talent challenges today in the federal government, which is to be expected from a workforce that is broad and diverse. With an aging workforce, siloed work environments, differing expectations between generations, the disproportionately small segment of Millennials compared to the overall U.S. workforce, and changes in the way today’s workers learn, understanding and leveraging evolving trends in learning and development will be central to overcoming all elements of the federal government’s succession planning challenges. 

Access for All 

Over 14 percent, or 260,000 employees, in the federal workforce have a disability. We believe that everyone has the right to access our content and learning platforms. We believe this is a basic human right for people regardless of their abilities. 

Accessibility is more than simply offering alt text for images and transcripts for videos. It is the bringing together of several components including: developers, authoring tools, users, web browsers, and evaluation tools and using a holistic approach to create content that everyone can access. For us, it simply means access for all. 

How Woods Kovalova Group Can Help 

We work with federal agencies on a broad range of learning content—including diversity & bias, leadership, business skills, productivity and collaboration tools. Our scalable solutions are designed to meet agency needs regardless of size, and we provide on-demand content specific to the training requirements for government employees. We deliver maximum flexibility with customization options tailored around each agency’s unique challenges and goals. 

Continuous Learning Opportunities 

The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) facilitates and promotes career development and strategic human capital management for the acquisition workforce. Woods Kovalova Group eLearning provides the acquisition workforce opportunities to participate in continuous learning activities through their agency Learning Management Systems (LMS).  

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