Building Great Customer Service Through Engagement

Committing to outstanding customer service means sometimes dealing with not-so-pleasant customers. This one-hour webinar will take you through an eight key steps for resolving customer complaints and handling each customer’s needs, no matter how challenging.

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to stay professional in emotional situations, beyond basic telephone courtesy. Follow a consistent process to resolve complaints and conflicts. Most importantly, discover how to truly engage customers and build enduring relationships.

Why you want to learn it

The details of customer service can make all the difference. Following proven guidelines will ensure that, at the end of the day, your customer’s emotional and practical needs are not only met but exceeded. Each issue you solve with a positive, helpful attitude strengthens relationships with your customers.

How it will help you

The process will help you move beyond the daily challenges and hang-ups so that you can focus on building loyalty. Conflicts that once seemed overwhelming will seem simple, paving the way for delivering outstanding customer service. Your organization will gain a base of customers that feel valued and cared for in every interaction.