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How to Build a Team One Person At a Time Webinar

One Hour Online Webinar

Create a collaborative, cooperative environment, and ensure that every team member contributes to group success

Do you have members of your team that don't seem to contribute equally? Are there times when your responsibilities are unclear, or you're concerned that your team members are unsure of their responsibilities? Do you wish your team had a clear mission, attainable goals set, and the right plan in place to achieve those goals? With the information provided in this fun, fast-paced audio conference, you can put your team on the path toward success today!

What You'll Learn

  • Define and clearly communicate your team's goals
  • Establish ground rules for how your team operates, and create a "mission statement"
  • Develop a team improvement plan to effectively manage current projects and streamline future ones
  • Identify roles for each member of the team and set expectations accordingly
  • Create guidelines for clear and concise communication
  • Utilize techniques for preventing disruptions in team meetings and maintaining team focus
  • How to develop a plan that identifies project goals and the purpose of individual project steps while getting every team member on board
  • Tips for overcoming barriers to productive communication
  • Beneficial team behaviors, including strategies for initiating discussion and creating compromise
  • Which negative and inhibiting behaviors influence group productivity
  • How to define an effective decision-making procedure
  • The basics of balanced participation — techniques for incorporating participation from all group members
  • Ways to acknowledge and handle unacceptable office behavior by setting ground rules

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners and every employee in your organization can benefit from the strategies and tools provided in this powerful program. Simply enroll today, and bring everyone you work with to listen in for one low price!

Regardless of your industry or position, you have probably experienced both the benefits and the challenges of working with teammates. Are you, as a team member or team leader, doing your part and making the most of your team's abilities in order to achieve common goals?

From personality conflicts to workstyle differences to skill-level discrepancies, the difficulties that arise when working in a group can be overwhelming. When miscommunications occur, feelings get hurt, and hiccups in productivity cause increased stress and tension, your team's workload can seem unmanageable.