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How to Conduct Performance Reviews with Less Stress and Better Results

One Hour Online Webinar

Proven strategies that take the guesswork out of delivering feedback, discussing compensation and handling sensitive situations. 

For most organizations, performance reviews occur annually. These once-a-year meetings are often dreaded by the manager or supervisor giving the review, as well as by the employee receiving the feedback. Yet, because of the critical nature of this annual meeting, it is important to both parties that the review is accurate, effective and geared to produce positive results.

So just what is it about performance reviews that makes them so loathed?

What You'll Learn

  • Methods for keeping track of both individual and team performance throughout the year
  • Effective ways to communicate about positive performance areas as well as those that need improvement
  • Options for offering praise, recognition and feedback to clearly communicate your expectations to any employee
  • Ideas for encouraging future positive performance
  • How to deal with coworkers who become emotional during reviews
  • Strategies that encourage employee response and self-reflection to keep the lines of communication open
  • Techniques for discussing compensation and other money matters with discretion
  • Quick dos and don'ts to help ensure reviews are effective and painless

Who Will Benefit

Managers and supervisors, team leaders, HR managers and anyone else who wants to conduct performance evaluations that get results without the hassle.