Handling Emotions Under Pressure Webinar

How much time do you spend doubting your reactions? How much energy do you waste going over situations again and again in your head? Now is the time to prove to your organization how valuable you are. This Webinar gives you dozens of on-the-spot responses and techniques for taking control of tough situations—for positive results. 

You’ll learn how to handle anger … and how to overcome reactions like tears and self-pity. You’ll discover how to deal with others’ emotions, get tips for keeping stress and burnout at bay and learn the 3-step ACE method of conflict resolution. With these incredible techniques and strategies—and more—you’ll reduce your stress and anxiety … and boost your confidence and credibility. Register now to master one of the most important work and life skills: Controlling emotions under pressure. 

A sample of your 60-minute program agenda:

  • The positive and negative effects of emotions in the workplace
  • How to change how you respond, even when your mind doesn’t want to
  • How to neutralize paralyzing emotions
  • How to overcome tears, anger, rage and self-pity
  • The 3-step ACE method of conflict resolution
  • How-to’s for dealing with backstabbing, gossip and resentment
  • Active listening skills guaranteed to give you the upper hand
  • 3 ways to easily deal with the big “A”—anger

About Your Presenter Jim Woods

Jim Woods brings a different view to the much-studied subjects of leadership and the dynamics of individual and organizational change. Bringing to bear his knowledge and experience of leadership and human behavior he scrutinizes the interface between international management and organizational dynamics. His specific areas of interest are leadership development, top executive team building, organizational change and cross-cultural management. Follow Jim on LinkedInand Twitter. Need to make improvements in your organization schedule an appointment with Jim here.