Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Teams

Over the past 20 years executives and managers around the world, have told us they confront seven issues in their teams:

  • Difficulty making decisions.

  • Poor communication.

  • Inability to resolve conflicts.

  • Lack of participation.

  • Lack of creativity.

  • Group-think.

  • Ineffective leadership.

We can help you solve all seven challenges by successfully filling in the gaps of your current provider

Get effective leadership skills for managers to inspire and influence your people to achieve team goals! When should you be a motivator...and when should you be a coach? Can you empower team members to self-manage? Or do your teams fall apart when you're not there?

Learn how to foster team cohesiveness and collaboration. You'll step up to be a leader, a coach, a persuasive communicator and much more. Sharpen your team-building skills and discover new ways to drive performance and productivity.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand leadership skills for managers to know when to manage and when to lead your team

  • Assess your leadership behavior and determine the best style to generate results

  • Clearly visualize your goals and communicate them to your team

  • Work in a horizontal mode of operation instead of managing only one piece of the process

  • Develop a high-performance team by first developing leadership skills

  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach

    Who Should Attend

    New managers, team leaders and business professionals interested in acquiring effective leadership skills for managers.