Resolving Employee Absenteeism Problems Webinar

Employee absenteeism is like a cold—it only takes one employee taking advantage of your policy for problems to spread through the entire organization. If you have an issue where someone is chronically late, excessively absent or abusing your policy in any way, you need to nip it in the bud—now! If employee absence is handled incorrectly, it can lead to charges of discrimination, harassment or favoritism. And that not only causes poor morale among employees; it can even leave your organization vulnerable to legal penalties. 

How to Resolve Employee Absenteeism Problems, our latest 60-minute Webinar, teaches you how to create or update your attendance policy so it conforms to legal standards—and remains flexible enough to meet the demands of different departments or positions. You’ll discover how to not only recognize, but deal with patterns of abuse. And you’ll find out what disciplinary steps you can take even in the most sensitive situations. In just one hour, we’ll answer your questions—and help you come up with strategies for addressing the most common employee absenteeism problems. 

Learn how to effectively handle this hot-button HR topic:

  • How to create or update your attendance policy so it conforms to legal standards
  • Recognize and deal with patterns of abuse
  • If you’ve never enforced a policy in the past, find out what steps you can take without being accused of discrimination or harassment
  • Draft a policy that enables you to hold people to different attendance standards by department or position
  • Enforcing policies on problem workers you don’t want to lose: Dealing with the employee who’s great—when actually working
  • Can you legally terminate or discipline someone who doesn’t return from FMLA leave after 12 weeks or is on workers’ compensation leave?

About Your Presenter Jim Woods

Jim Woods brings a different view to the much-studied subjects of leadership and the dynamics of individual and organizational change. Bringing to bear his knowledge and experience of leadership and human behavior he scrutinizes the interface between international management and organizational dynamics. His specific areas of interest are leadership development, top executive team building, organizational change and cross-cultural management. Follow Jim on LinkedInand Twitter. Need to make improvements in your organization schedule an appointment with Jim here.