Overcoming the Fear of "Who I Wish I Had Become"

Gratitude helps us to dream bigger. Jim Woods

Gratitude helps us to dream bigger. Jim Woods

To be perfectly honest, we have so much in common. Dreamers who feel the distance in approaching age, between the kid who dreamed big dreams and the person who have become. We settled, But no more! It's not too late for us to change who we are. See our personal coaching programs here please. 

In grade school, I was a low achiever. A poor, chubby kid whose summer job in this small Missouri town at twelve to chop and pick cotton for 12-hour days. At night, I would look out across the cold barren cotton fields outside my bedroom window allowing fear to write my script. While the darkness gave way to the morning sunlight, my fears would last nearly a lifetime. 

I could see I was coming up with my own style as I began to fit in less and less. My soul was not to be contained.

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I didn’t know how painful failing would be in the making of me.

We are unintentionally raised to be ordinary. Extraordinary is different. The recognition that you have not been trained to believe and yet you yearn to put it in your life.   Need a motivational speaker for your next event? Read my rags to to riches to rags to riches story. Click here please. 

So, my question is when you expect to attract miracles what do you expect? You have to change what you believe can change for you. You have something magnificent to do in this one life.

It doesn’t matter if you are between jobs, you lost your home and family or the lights are turned off. Perhaps you have gained more girth than muscle. Don’t stop. Listen to people who want to raise you not keep you down.

What kept me whole in all the days and nights of loneliness mixed with frequent jeers by family and “friends” was my faith that God designed me with a purpose. Not to cower but to rise.

Avoid these missteps:

  • Dwelling on regrets. You did the best you could based on the person you were at the time.
  • You only have control right now.
  • Don’t envy anyone.
  • Avoid people who want you to stoop and not rise.
  • Trust your gut. Trust your instincts.

My advice to you is that it matters that you be happy and achieve your goals. So tonight, when you look at the moon thinking you don’t matter … well now, close your eyes … make a wish and dare to fall and get up one more time.

Because, it is worth it. I understand where you are. I am here if you need me.  Jim

Jim Woods is a business leader, personal coach and organizational consultant. He is an author who helps people achieve mastery in their work, relationships, goals and health. He has served as an American Navy Seabee, taught fifth grade math and science as well as university. He has been homeless living in a shelter to only reinvent his life by finding the meaning in the experience. Jim knows how to help people become more than they thought capable. Read more about his biography here. Want to bring Jim in your life as a personal or business coach? Click here to schedule an appointment. Connect with Jim on: Facebook Linkedin Twitter