12 Ways to Be Successful In Life

If you believe God made you for a purpose and you are loved you will rise up.

Refuse to be "Good enough." Jim Woods 

Refuse to be "Good enough." Jim Woods 

Every day you should have a purpose and you should feel it in your passion. The choices we make today will affect us now and the rest of our life. What is really interesting are the people our choices impact. Particularly, those we may never know.

Rid yourself of gossip. If it does not make you better on the inside where God sees you or make the other person better don’t think it. Don’t’ speak it.

If anything is to happen in our life we are going to have to speak it. If we sit around waiting for someone to fix us, lift us and carry us across the finish line we are wasting this one life God has given.

When I was homeless I knew my life was over unless I ardently decided to decide and completely reimagine myself.

There are several life changing keys I have used to step out of my negative thinking. I decided I had enough. My pity party lasted years. My divorce and homelessness became linchpins too success not anchors that made me a victim.

The following keys are goals I thought about every day that caused me to meet my beautiful wife and create a successful management consulting and wealth coaching business.

12 Ways to be successful in life and business:

  1. Dare to be brave
  2. Execution replaces dreaming
  3. Expect success but don’t expect not to fail.
  4. If you want something different; you just go.
  5. Success comes after the sacrifice and struggle. You stumble until you walk.  It is through stumbling that you learn how to succeed. Your stumbles test your commitment.
  6. Be fiercely determined. There is no middle ground. “I’m going to do it or I’m going to drop.” Jim Woods
  7. Do more than is required of you.
  8. Love yourself.
  9. Be passionate. Always.
  10. Be filled with gratitude. 
  11. Getting the best from people requires us to first give our best.
  12. Be honest. Especially to yourself.

This saved me when I was alone. A friend called one evening to say she was engaged. I was happy for her. Then she asked a profound question. “Jim, are you happy?” That question prompted me to obtain a therapist. Because such a question could not be answered flippantly.

So, my question is to you, “Are you happy?”  You can change it. I’ll help you.

Please share this article for there are people we can take up the ladder with us. I’m here for you. Jim

About Jim

Jim’s clients frequently experience major changes in a short time, this can be getting out of debt, saving a relationship buying a new home, finding a steady income stream after retirement, and even finding freedom money to give back.

Jim Woods is a business leader, personal coach and organizational consultant. He is an author who helps people achieve mastery in their work, relationships, goals and health. He has served as an American Navy Seabee, taught fifth grade math and science as well as university. He has been homeless living in a shelter to only reinvent his life by finding the meaning in the experience. Jim knows how to help people become more than they thought capable. Read more about his biography here. Want to bring Jim in your life as a personal or business coach? Click here to schedule an appointment. Connect with Jim on: Facebook Linkedin Twitter Work with Jim. He’ll help you change your life.