Your job search strategy isn't working. Recruiters don't call. Have you considered a new plan? Resume update, mock interviews, & recruiters calling you.

Employers want to know who you are and what you’ll do for them. Do you make or save money? Are you able to bring new ideas to the table other than simply doing your job? Can you enable your teammates to rise above their self-limiting beliefs? Are you driven? Make or save time? Solve problems?

At Woods Kovalova Group we'll work with you to clarify your focus. We’ll work together to uncover your value and we'll teach you how to communicate this value in a way that’s genuine for you.

We’ll develop marketing strategies customized for you to increase your network and get you known AND found.


  • A needs assessment

  • 1 month plan

  • (2) 30-minute chats over Skype 7 days apart to adjust the plan and maintain accountability

  • Unlimited emails

  • A follow-up plan of attack from your coach

  • Resume check

Be practical.  Re-energize your efforts. Take massive actions

We’ll help you”

  • Face reality and be real. Positive thinking is great. But the real way to find and keep your dream job is to face reality. You’re going to have to stop making the mistakes others are making. This is a two-speed economy and to earn your place in it you have to compete better than ever before.

  • Change mindset and attitude

  • Take action and take it now

  • Follow your passion and focus on the long term

  • Believe in your strength to pull through

Private Coaching: a series of one-on-one sessions with your own coach. These private sessions produce extraordinary results for our clients during days and hours that work for you. While our private coaching utilizes our proven educational method, the sessions are conducted at your own pace, and address the issues and commitments that you want to address.