Transform Ordinary Managers Into Extraordinary Leaders Webinar

Do you inspire, engage and align efforts – to realize desired organizational outcomes? Do you or your team ever suffer from burnout? This webinar is designed to help all leaders, potential leaders and employees think deeply about their lives and goals over a long time horizon.

Image courtesy  @austindistel

Image courtesy @austindistel

By understanding yourself, you can become a 'total leader' that is viewed by the organization as authentic, connected and innovative. This webinar will equip you with the tools to successfully navigate the multiple transitions you will face during your career and how to apply those techniques to your team.

Why you want to learn it

Leadership is about working through/with others – in trusting and dynamic relationships that inspire, engage and align efforts – to realize desired organizational outcomes. Top performing organizations know that effective leadership is not a luxury; it is essential to their success. To be truly effective, leaders must embrace, model, and apply the behaviors that lead to the type of outcomes that drive results.

How it will help you

To be a successful leader in today’s workplace you must bring the right set of skills and attitudes to engage, retain, and achieve results through your team. The Leadership Excellence Training Package provides managers and employees with the skills to take their leadership to the next level.