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Our Leadership Team


Jim Woods

Jim is president and CEO of Woods Kovalova Group, LLC. He has advised senior executives, people who want to live a life of meaning and fulfillment, those stuck, laid off and discouraged. He is an accomplished thought leader on self-improvement and leadership effectiveness.

Mr. Woods holds a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Human Resources University and has been an adjunct professor at Villanova University, Colorado Technical University and Dickinson University.

Lucy Kovalova-Woods

Lucy is Vice-President and Executive Director of Woods Kovalova Group, LLC. She is a two time bestselling author. Lucy consults on startup strategies, overcoming fear, high performance, starting over, career transition. As vice-president of Woods Kovalova Group Lucy has provided advice to Fortune 500 companies and people of all walks of life. Lucy holds an engineering degree from Liverpool University

Lucy is most sought after for her relentless commitment, vibrant energy, and trusted knowledge in designing and delivering powerful solutions.