Worldwide, 85% of workers are just showing up for work, or worse, showing up and making their team members miserable.

Managers, teams and organizations are missing out on the full potential of more than three-fourths of their employees. To maintain a competitive workforce for both your customers and employees, you must start with employee engagement.

Having an engaged employee base is a significant competitive advantage for two main reasons.  First, when employees are engaged they are going beyond their job description in assisting the organization to be successful.  They have higher levels of trust in management and in their coworkers.  These elements translate into higher productivity, higher retention rates and higher profitability.  Second, based on recent national surveys 70 percent of employees are disengaged with 20 percent of that group is actively disengaged, meaning working against the organization.  Imagine what a competitive advantage you will have when you get more of your employees to become engaged.

So how do you create an engaged workforce?  We share with you the reasons for disengagement and the specific strategies and tactics to create a highly engaged workforce.

Who Should Attend

This course is for organizational leaders, people managers and supervisors who are responsible for leading an organization or managing a team’s performance.

What You Can Expect

This 1-hour instructor-led course provides advanced insights into the complexity of managing teams in the changing workplace. Participants will learn how to increase productivity and success by working with a focus on engagement.

During this course, participants will learn how to adjust their style and approach to meet the needs of the changing workplace by:

  • understanding rapidly changing workplace dynamics that influence employees’ engagement

  • recognizing engagement’s effect on individual, team and organizational performance

  • gaining insights into 12 actionable workplace elements with proven links to performance