How to Manage Conflict In The Workplace On Demand

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How to Manage Conflict In The Workplace On Demand


Run Time: 45-Minutes

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In any workplace, conflict is unavoidable. The key to minimizing the damage is making sure people at all levels of the organization are taught conflict management skills that let them quickly and effectively resolve situations as they arise. Make sure your people know how to communicate respectfully in the midst of conflict and that they have the right tools for working together to identify solutions.

This important training will give you and your coworkers the skills needed to keep you focused and effective, even under workplace pressure.


  • Understand emotions in the workplace

    • How to weed through the vast array of emotions; and separate the good from the bad

    • How emotions affects conflict

    • How to stop conflict avoidance

    • Learn Covey’s 3rd alternative to conflict management

    • Anger signals that are often mistaken for something else

  • Maintain emotional balance and stay in control

    • Three approaches to emotional situations and possible outcomes for each

    • Tips to help you keep your cool when you're about to explode

    • Recovery techniques (and damage control) to help earn back your credibility after you've "lost it"