12 Steps Change Program Upfront

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12 Steps Change Program Upfront

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You Can Change Your Life, Your Career or Strengthen Your Business!

Yes, YOU CAN Have It All! In 12 Weeks You Will Have Mindset, Behavior and Results of Successful Person! Yes, That Easy…

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Over 20 years of successful experience of working with solo-preneurs, freelancers and businesses around the world allows us to see changes before they happen. Helping our clients respond to disruptions beyond status-quo methods.

We provide you with the tools and support needed to become successful.

Not coaching.  Not mentoring. Not consulting.

We are real world advisers enabling you to be successful because of hundreds of projects, outcomes and changes.

We mastered a combination of techniques and tactics to be your guide on an inner level. We collected a set of practical tips and tools to help you master your success in a world moving at the speed of thought.

You’ll learn to remove self-limiting behaviors

So, what will we do in these 12 steps?

There are two options:

Option 1. Weekly videos, motivational audio sets, course material with one exercise and one assignment every week. In this 12-weeks program you will see remarkable change in your life.

Option 2.All of the above + 1.5 hour of one-on-one weekly sessions with Jim or Lucy.

Brace yourself for a massive change that will improve your life and your business!

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What can you expect

Our blended approach uses proven strategies of advanced coaching, mentoring and consulting techniques and methods. You will feel and notice significant differences in yourself, relationships and business. You’ll move quickly to the life you always wanted to live and the person you wanted to become. The time is now.

How to get started?

Choose an option and select a payment plan below and let’s get going!

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!

Also, please pick the language: English, Russian, Arabic. Please note – videos and audios are currently in English with Russian/Arabic subtitles. One-on-one sessions held in English or Russian, for Arabic interpretation the price will differ.

Option 1. $10 weekly or $100 for entire program

Option 2. $130 weekly or $1300 for entire program

English عربي Русский

Coming soon: Italiano Français Español

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We Offer More, because we’re not focused on one technique.

You get more, because we use our experience as we helped hundreds of people globally to ignite their effective change mindset!