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Understanding Bias To Build Inclusive Leadership Webinar June 25th

Inclusive leadership training, Woods Kovalova Group.jpeg
Inclusive leadership training, Woods Kovalova Group.jpeg

Understanding Bias To Build Inclusive Leadership Webinar June 25th


Location: Online  Duration: 1-hour webinar (Mountain) Time: 01:00PM – 2:00PM

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Learning Objectives for the Inclusive Leadership Webinar

  • To enhance one’s ability to recognize, understand and appreciate difference

  • To consider the value of, and business imperative for, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • To better appreciate why it is important for leaders to be conscious of their own culture, and the culture of others, to create more inclusion 

  • To gain knowledge of the strategies that can be used to weaken personal and interpersonal biases

  • To gain appreciation for the damaging impact of exclusion and creating “in-groups" and "out-groups" in the work environment

  • To analyze a hypothetical workplace situation and better understand the connection between how Inclusive Leaders behave and the performance of those they lead or work beside

  • To learn how to bias-proof and improve work systems and processes to ensure equal opportunity, and to effectively cultivate and evaluate talent

Our work as leaders is to create environments where diversity can thrive. This is more than a “feel good” imperative. Inclusive Leaders create environments where people of all backgrounds feel respected, can contribute their talent and perspectives, and are given fair access to meaningful opportunity. Most of us think of ourselves as kind, fair, and well-meaning, and we are, but being well-meaning is not enough when it comes to being an Inclusive Leader. The purpose of this webinar - which contains short lectures and thought-provoking scenarios - is to deepen leaders’ understanding of the complexities of leading a diverse team, the challenges involved in creating a truly inclusive organizational culture, and to learn skills and strategies for success as an Inclusive Leader.