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How To Unleash The Power of Diverse and Inclusive Teams July 25th

Change Management Leading Successful Teams Webinar.jpg
Change Management Leading Successful Teams Webinar.jpg

How To Unleash The Power of Diverse and Inclusive Teams July 25th


Location: Online  Duration: 1-hour webinar (Mountain) Time: 1:30PM – 2:30PM

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Unleash the Tremendous Power of Diverse Teams

A study revealed high-performing organizations place a higher premium on workforce diversity and inclusion than their lower-performing competitors. Further research indicates that work teams composed of diverse individuals produce better results.

It makes sense that high-performing teams are composed of people who bring a variety of perspectives and cognitive approaches. If everyone thinks the same, you're probably missing opportunities.

A truly inclusive team works well for everyone. The question is: How can a leader create a sense of true inclusion and ownership for team members?

This webinar focuses on the elements required to create and lead teams of diverse individuals who are engaged, energized, and willing to give their all, improve, and achieve beyond expectations.

BONUS: You'll get access to an on-demand, recorded version of the program you can use as a step-by-step reference to refresh your memory when you need it!

What you will cover:

  • Performance management and accountability in diverse teams

  • Building a path for employee and leadership buy-in

  • Ways to help employees take ownership of their behavior

  • Steps to understand, acknowledge, and tackle bias

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the business case for diverse and inclusive teams within an organization

  • Define the role of performance management in team accountability

  • Understand the advantages of a diverse team in driving innovation

  • Identify the impact of bias within yourself and others

How Do WKG Webinars Work?

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  • Understand the impact that significant change has on your team.

  • Determine the key responsibilities of a change leader

  • Understand the human aspect that either influences the change or impacts others.

  • Assess your responsiveness to change