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How to Minimize Conflict and Thrive Under Pressure Webinar July 17th

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workplace conflict, conflict resolution webinar.jpg

How to Minimize Conflict and Thrive Under Pressure Webinar July 17th


Location: Online  Duration: 1-hour webinar (Mountain) Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

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This important will give you and your coworkers the skills needed to keep you focused and effective, even under workplace pressure. Don't let these trying times keep you from performing at your best and succeeding in your career. Get the skills you need to develop unwavering self-control and achieve positive results from all your personal interactions!

What You'll Learn

  • Understand emotions in the workplace

    • How to weed through the vast array of emotions; and separate the good from the bad

    • Anger signals that are often mistaken for something else

  • Maintain emotional balance and stay in control

    • Three approaches to emotional situations and possible outcomes for each

    • Tips to help you keep your cool when you're about to explode

    • Recovery techniques (and damage control) to help earn back your credibility after you've "lost it"

    • Physical symptoms that provide clues indicating you need to take a break

  • Handle emotionally-charged situations

    • Techniques for responding to other people's outbursts

    • How to identify and understand others' "hot button" issues

    • Four steps for creating a positive outcome from an emotionally charged situation

Think about the situations in which you've found yourself feeling flustered and frustrated. Maybe you've witnessed others experience emotional outbreaks at work?

  • Have you ever dealt with an issue, either personal or professional, by taking your frustrations out on someone in the workplace — even though it had nothing to do with him or her?

  • Do you feel like there's too much to do and not enough time or resources to do it … and you might snap at the next request that comes your way?

  • Have you avoided confronting an employee or coworker because you're unsure of the best way to deal with the situation should it become emotional?

  • Do you hide your emotions at work for fear of "losing it"?

  • Do you let your emotions go and feel you can pick up the pieces after the fact?

  • Do you work with others who have emotional outbursts at the office and need a better outlet for dealing with emotionally charged situations?

If you are familiar with any of the situations listed above, you need to register for this life-changing one-hour webinar. With the tips and techniques provided, you'll learn how to remain calm and clearheaded in any situation — and stay positive and productive even when the chaos is overwhelming. You'll be able to implement what you learn immediately and see positive changes in your work life as soon as you return to your desk.

Emotions in the workplace can have a negative impact on productivity, teamwork and creativity — while increasing the stress and pressure you feel each day. What would your workday look like if you knew how to respond to situations with a level head, minimize conflict among your team members and manage your days in this unpredictable work environment?

You can take control of the emotions that have sabotaged you in the past and respond to tough situations with poise and confidence. Attend this powerful webinar and learn the strategies needed to transform yourself, your professional relationships and your life!