How to Manage Workplace Stress

Overcoming stress webinar training.jpg
Overcoming stress webinar training.jpg

How to Manage Workplace Stress

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Location: Online  Duration: 1-hour webinar (Mountain) Time: 2:30PM – 3:30PM

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Today’s competitive environment can take a toll on your mental health. The many challenges you face can easily elevate your stress levels, so it’s important to learn how to cope effectively. People who can manage their stress levels well, and bring an optimistic outlook to the workplace are far more likely to accomplish their objectives. 

Why you want to learn it

High levels of stress can bring productivity to a screeching halt. With a solid understanding of the causes of stress and how to combat it, you then have the ability to have a positive effect on the outcome. And positive outcomes are the goal, right?

How it will help you

You’ll be prepared to face the pressures of work in more productive ways. This course is designed to address and eliminate your high stress levels, without the bathtub.