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How Bias Affects Customer Service Webinar July 31th

Overcoming Bias Webinar.jpg
Overcoming Bias Webinar.jpg

How Bias Affects Customer Service Webinar July 31th


Location: Online  Duration: 1-hour webinar (Mountain) Time: 1:30PM – 2:30PM

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Is unconscious bias hurting your team and your organization? Is it having a negative impact on your career or the careers of fellow employees? A crucial step toward an inclusive work environment is developing an awareness and understanding of biases that can unconsciously influence how we work and interact with people.

What You Will Cover

  • Recognizing how bias affects all our interactions with others

  • Understanding the different types of bias

  • Recognizing the impact of bias in all aspects of life and work

  • Exploring the neuroscience of the brain to understand why we have biases

  • Describing unconscious, complicit and implicit biases

  • Identifying micro-messaging and non-verbal body language that reflect unconscious bias

  • Distinguishing between unconscious bias and perceptions and behaviors based on stereotypes

  • Becoming aware of practical steps you can take to overcome bias