Coaching That Work

I lost everything. How I bounced back … stronger.


En route to teach college in Johannesburg, South Africa a problem was discovered with his paper work boarding a flight to Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Disappointed in his inability to foresee the problem he called a friend who stated this was a sign from Providence. With only enough money for a flight to Boise, Idaho Jim lived in a homeless shelter for several months. My wallet was lost on the bus.

The difference

I took complete responsibility. I eliminated all blame. Not the people in my relationships, former employers, family, bad luck, poor timing or the Universe were conspiring against me.

I rose early, volunteered, coached those more lost than myself, made sure I was cheerful. I saw what happened to me as for me.

I flipped the circumstance into an opportunity. I made it serve me not debilitate me. I saw this as a blessing and an opportunity. I stopped judging others. Spent time listening to those perhaps I would have assumed I had stature over.

I now saw real people against the backdrop of my dissipating façade.

Without friends and money, I took the direction used in my speaking not for others but for me. As I saw this as God’s way of getting my attention my humility deepened. It had deepened before. How could I make sure it had made its mark this time? responsibility and humility. Determined to find the meaning in my ordeal, I looked inward. My intolerance for those who had slipped through the rungs of life’s ladder was such that my newfound humility redirected me to serve. Within three months after setting new habits, not complaining, and meaningful goal setting matched with massive action I had successfully reinvented my consulting business and more importantly my authentic self to living in a deluxe condo on Boise’s downtown main street.

Now, while I may have external success, what I am most pleased with is that God got my attention and I ………….. heard Him.

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What would you do if you lost everything?

Whether you need help breaking through to your next career level, magnifying the love and romance in your relationships, or simply finding more balance and purpose in life, my coaching will get you where you want to go. I have walked the talk.

Here’s how the coaching works:

After our hourlong coaching sessions, I keep you accountable in your fitness goals, career goals, happiness goals, relationships goals, and self-improvement goals. I’ll make myself available to you. We’ll connect via text or email. Could be a quick call. Whatever it is, I’m in your corner, motivating you, brainstorming solutions, and helping you to coach yourself.

Wherever you may find yourself … you now have a friend who will give you the added support to make it serve you. Complete the form to the right and get started.

To great success, Jim

Also you can expect to:

  • Build gratitude
  • Determine your values
  • Identify your life's purpose
  • Prioritize and plan a sequence of action

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