9 Personal Development & Growth Ideas When You Fail

We work hard for the things we truly believe in. Life often has other plans. Leaving us in its wake replete with doubt. We become empowered with such fear that pity compels us to feel it’s just not worth the pain to go after your dreams.

Image courtesy Godisable Jacob

Image courtesy Godisable Jacob

Such feelings of pain and doubt are normal. They shouldn’t stop you. Experience tells us that when we fail our only sensible objective is to go forward. This is exhaustive. Eroding our energy. However, a new plan of action with absolute confidence despite seeing otherwise will embolden you, like as me, that this can and must be done.

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This quote from Hamilton bears repeating “When you've got skin in the game you stay in the game, but you don't get a win unless you play in the game."

Here are of strategies of successful people who refuse to be denied:

  1. Expect adversity
  2. Allow yourself time to acknowledge your feelings of disappointment.
  3. Manage blind spots.
  4. Fear is not your enemy.
  5. Record what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Be objective.
  7. If your plan didn’t work plan what’s next. Maybe it is more marketing, creating an event to locate new customers, or pivoting your message.
  8. Make your past serve you. Don’t dawdle in “what could have been.”
  9. Focus on one thing. Nurture it.

Be situational. Not every idea work for all people. Evaluate strategies based on what the situation requires, not what feeds your greatest emotional need.

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Make sure you actually follow through on the things you write down. If for any reason you feel the yearning that you have fallen too far, think back to the things you did in the past to lift yourself during insurmountable times in the past. Go.

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Jim Woods President Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods President Woods Kovalova Group

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