How to overcome failure and achieve success

We've heard many times that thinking of one’s past is poisonous. But yet, many people are stuck. They claim to want a better future, only to just dream about it; numerous excuses to justify their living a life without improvement, without joy. Just passing time day-by-day.

How could this be good? All the days are same. Our poor negative thinking becomes victimizing.

We embrace:

  • No one will help me

  • I’ve failed too often

  • Back in the day.

  • I used to be

Our days and even relationships are one pity party after another to the point that we cannot imagine our life exempt of the goals we once had. Good memories that challenged us fall into the abyss.

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We all have moments of doubt. The challenge is not to remain stuck there. We do not have any power over the past. We can use it however, as a springboard to a highly successful life and relationship.

The problem is that your past affects your life today, your career today, your business today and it will make a solid reflection to your future - life, career and business.

How exactly? Simply three ways...

1. When you reflect on your past you are simply wasting time with one foot snugly in what could have been. Failed relationships or lost opportunities.

2. When you labor to redo your past, we miss the answers to prayers laced in new opportunities surrounding us. Whatever it is you are thinking about, perhaps an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, a layoff or termination, you are convincing yourself that you are as good as it gets.  

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You weren’t born this way. You weren’t meant to grovel.

3. When you focus on what you lost you unceasingly denounce your potential. This perpetually keeps you in a state looking for a pity party as though someone is coming by to say, “Well, you gave it your best shot.”

So why do people make themselves fit comfortably in a past they once abhorred? The reasons are:

  • Looking for excuses becomes a pattern.

  • They sleep in later

  • Draw the blinds creating darkened rooms where opportunity is cloaked.

  • They drink to excess

  • Surrounding themselves with failure laden people who want to keep you and them in a parade of excuses to make every failed attempt a legitimate reason.   

I’ve been there too. Not realizing I was choosing to set an example to my family that we are less than. One day the lights came on. Leading me to this time wake myself us!

Now is the time for you to do so too. Right now. Let me help you. Lucy. Give me one month and I promise we can change your life or your money back. Get started.

About Lucy Kovalova-Woods

Lucy is one of the leading life and career coaches in the United States. Her clients work with her remotely online or phone. She is a two time bestselling author. Lucy consults on startup strategies, overcoming fear, high performance, starting over, career transition. As vice-president of Woods Kovalova Group Lucy has provided advice to Fortune 500 companies and people of all walks of life. Work with Lucy here.