Conan O'Brien Gives Dang Good Career Advice

Conan O’Brien is well suited to offer career advice. Although lauded, he has borne his share of travails. This reminds me of a quote by Hubstaff leader, Jared Brown, “A former manager of mine noticed that I was doing good work but that I wasn’t being public about my own success. He said that I had to self-promote in order to get credit—and once it sunk in, I realized it was excellent advice. I have to make my own case as an awesome team member and show the milestones I’ve achieved.

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A career also begins with improving yourself. Deep diving and asking hard questions. To start being honest with yourself, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many times did I hit snooze on my alarm clock today?

  • How many cups of coffee did it take me to get going?

  • During my day, how often did I think about doing something else?

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People often assume work should be a slog. Everyone has trouble waking up. Everyone needs coffee to get going. Everyone imagines being on vacation while they work.

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People who are living the life they want wake up pumped and excited to dive into their day. They don’t need a liter of coffee to get going in the morning and don’t spend their days fantasizing about being somewhere else. 

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