The Costs of an Apathetic Workforce Webinar

Learn how managers can increase the engagement of their teams.

About The Webinar

Manager and employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes that are essential to an organization's financial success, including productivity, profitability and customer ratings.

In a survey of over 5,000 managers, we compared the engagement levels of managers to the employees of their respective teams. What did we find? The engagement level of managers is directly proportional to the engagement levels of their “subordinates.” No surprise there! However, the reasons for that engagement are contrary to what you may have suspected.

Simply “being an engaged manager” has very little impact on overall team engagement. It’s what an engaged manager is expected to do, that makes the difference. Based on our research we decided on a webinar that would enable organizations additional light on the relationship between engaged managers and engaged teams, as well as highlights the role engagement plays in leadership.

Join Jim Woods, Woods Kovalova Group President to learn how to increase overall engagement in your organization by focusing on the engagement of managers.

Jim and his team came entered our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened intently to our views and frustrations. They were able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective and offer help and advice. With Jim’s help we were able to develop a side of the business that complements our core objectives and I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Woods Kovalova Group.” Kevin Hill, CEO

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The correlation between engaged managers and engaged employees
  • The five keys that drive manager engagement
  • Three tools every manager can use to understand and measure the engagement of their teams  
  • What engaged managers do differently from their disengaged counterparts
  • How managers can boost the engagement of their teams

About Your Presenter Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President and Senior Consultant for Woods Kovalova Group. In this role he is responsible for bringing together Strategy with execution, helping clients to deliver their business strategies and operating models in light of future workforce needs. He is a published author and frequent speaker.

 Jim Woods President Woods Kovalova Group, Leadership Speaker

Jim Woods President Woods Kovalova Group, Leadership Speaker

Mr. Woods has more than 20 years of deep leadership and talent development expertise. He founded the company more than twenty years ago where his first client on his first day was Whirlpool Corporation. He works with clients in a variety of industries in the areas of human resources, leadership development, customer service, and organizational effectiveness solutions. 

Mr. Woods earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development and human resources from Capella University. He has taught fifth grade math and science as well as serving as an adjunct professor for Villanova University, Dickinson State University and Colorado Technical University. He is based out of Denver, Colorado.

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