Turnaround Struggling Employees Webinar

Stop the downward spiral of employee derailment.  

About the Webinar

Stop the downward spiral of employee derailment. Coach struggling employees to higher performance. 

When an employee repeatedly fails to keep pace, it hurts your business. Subpar work means lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, wasted time or (understandably) annoyed co-workers called upon to cover gaps. You can’t stand by. The health of your team—and its results—depends on your responsive intervention and skilled coaching.

Managers, get some new ideas on how to turn your underperformers around. Sign up now for this new, one-hour Webinar. You’ll learn how to spare your organization the cost of replacing employees unnecessarily ... cut your stress ... and create a turnaround plan that involves workers and encourages their best. Expect more ... and get it.

You’ll Learn:

“Having tried standard methods to find suitable candidates, which proved unsuccessful, I was delighted that the extensive search methodology that Jim and his team employed was successful - the first candidate that they submitted was a perfect fit. Peter Albrecht VP
  • Consider hidden management or organizational causes of performance gaps

  • Identify what employees need to change without overwhelming or deflating them

  • Involve employees in getting to the root of their performance problems

  • Investigate and remedy employee-identified barriers to good performance

  • Adopt communication strategies to help identify derailment sooner and get employees back on track

  • Establish a mentoring program to sharpen skills, improve attitudes and inspire passion

  • Create a performance improvement plan that supports employees’ efforts

  • Change your mindset so that you genuinely believe performance will improve

  • Get employee commitment to turn performance around

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President and Senior Consultant for Woods Kovalova Group. In this role he is responsible for bringing together Strategy with execution, helping clients to deliver their business strategies and operating models in light of future workforce needs. He is a published author and frequent speaker.

 Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods, President Woods Kovalova Group

Mr. Woods has more than 20 years of deep leadership and talent development expertise. He founded the company more than twenty years ago where his first client on his first day was Whirlpool Corporation. He works with clients in a variety of industries in the areas of human resources, leadership development, customer service, and organizational effectiveness solutions. 

Mr. Woods earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development and human resources from Capella University. He has taught fifth grade math and science as well as serving as an adjunct professor for Villanova University, Dickinson State University and Colorado Technical University. He is based out of Denver, Colorado.

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