What is the bottom-line for HR to be in the real people business?

What’s the cross-point between business development and human resources?

The answer is obvious – there’s no way to develop business effectively without right the Human Resource management. And there’s no way to keep employee motivation with a weak business strategy. We can combine these two urgencies to develop the whole system.

Be a revolitionary thinker

Be a revolitionary thinker

Human Resource as a department is siloed from the people in their charge. Seeing HR jobs as recruiting and managing people. This vision is created by years of weak HR employees who have forgotten the human element of their business. The moment HR develops a hierarchal approach they separate themselves from the people they are charged to develop.  Thus, creating protective silos.

Similarly, business development is often deigned as odd. Many business owners can understand the nuances of business such as the vital elements of: marketing, PR, sales, business development and strategy.

In many small companies, the tasks of the above challenges are given to one or two people where the strategy is often misunderstood and improperly organized. Please read my contrarian article ‘Why Business Development is no longer needed?’ It gained a negative reaction from those attuned to traditional ideas in the age of speed.   

Yes, every function in your company is needed as long as you are ready to innovate. You have to set the example that you are constantly learning and you are radically finding ways to reinvent your niche. You abhor being average. You want to build a world-class business with employees who believe in your mission and trust you.  

10 years ago the words ‘thinking out-of-the-box’ was popular, but now it seems forgotten by “innovative” leaders whose thinking is based on tried and true assumptions.   

Today you are either – developing yourself personally, emotionally and professionally or you are falling backwards. You may keep your job based on the whims of your employer. But, at sometime in the past didn’t you want something more of yourself ….. out of life?

Writes John Cryan, the chief executive of Deutsche Bank, "big number" of staff at the company will ultimately be replaced by robots and other forms of technology as the firm embraces a "revolutionary spirit" going forwards.  NOTE again, “embraces a "revolutionary spirit" going forwards.”

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