8 Ways to Conquer Fear and Get Out of Your Comfort Zones

Part of being successful is breaking free of our comfort zones. Fear is a natural and essential part of growth. Every time we consciously choose to step outside of our comfort zone, the next uncomfortable thing becomes a little bit easier.

Do these small tips daily:

1. Take nothing for granted.

Learn through suffering, as much as you do from success. Be thankful for suffering. You’ll arrive at a place where nothing is taken for granted.

2. Change your routine.

Routines are as much about comfort as they are about efficiency. Switch up your day to include small meaningful steps that leave you with the subtle embrace of “Ah Ha.”

3. Move toward your fears.

Cloaked behind our fears are most often the things that have the greatest potential to expand our life. Making our fear’s work for us rather than against us provides the strength do that thing we are afraid of doing. We will discover it wasn’t as frightening as we imagined.

4. Give up control.

Yield control in your company and life.  Hire someone to run tasks, delegate new inquiries to speak to someone on your staff or allow employees to feel empowered by allowing them to take the lead on client projects.  

5. Try something new until you feel comfortable.

Sometimes it takes a while to get comfortable, so try different approaches daily, or just keep at it until it becomes comfortable.

6. Ask the questions other people don’t like to.

Know what’s going on in your family and job. This means having frequent and open conversations with employees, family, co-workers and getting customers on the phone to find out how they liked their experiences with your company.  

7. Agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider.

When someone offers you something that you would normally refuse, surprise yourself by saying yes, whether it is something business-related, like trying a new strategy, or accepting an invitation to join an sports team on the weekend. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll always learn something from the experience.

8. Keep a list of growth goals.

Such as practice public speaking, take a risk, or explore a new and strange idea. Keep the list close by, and always try to read it at the end of the day.  

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. His extensive cross-cultural expertise spans hundreds of companies. As President and senior consultant of Woods Kovalova Group, his proprietary leadership programs are engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world. Jim has a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources. He has been a university professor and is widely sought out for his extensive knowledge on changing human behavior. Hire Jim here.