Sears: Complacency, Despicable Customer Service and Hedge Fund Leaders Better Suited As Hedge Fund Managers

Image courtesy The New York Times

Image courtesy The New York Times

There are countless companies similar to Sears, whose leadership has misconstrued NPS as customer service and dedicated employees as "lucky to have a job." Like cows that know how manure smells, employees dispassionately serve those paragons of the corner offices whose delusions obscure them from the warning signs of Sisyphus. Sears overlooked the incremental dalliances with obsolescence. Hedge fund leaders were ultimately merely hedge fund managers. Inept leaders, pomposity, empty shelves, arrogance and poor customer service sped the death knell for Sears. Writes Reuters in The Hindu:

The retailer’s problems, according to shoppers, former employees and vendors interviewed by Reuters, range from its limited assortment of merchandise to poor customer service. In addition, some said the retailer abandoned basic shop-keeping standards such as clean stores. And Mr. Lampert’s leadership over the years to save the chain hurt it more than helped.

The retailer, which for decades was considered the of its time, branched into industries as diverse as insurance, real estate and even broadcasting.

 And such it is. A company too complacent to change with change. Jim Woods

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