How To Be Confident and Successful In Life

We can become cloaked in our fears to the point that we can’t see the possibilities around us. Everyone isn’t out to get us. There are people cheering for us to be victorious. The problem is …. that we are in our own way. None of us are strangers to feeling stuck in life. Changing one's life or career isn't easy. We have to delve into the unpredictable abyss.

The common denominator to every problem in your life is: you were there when it happened. The pain of the realization that you have been powerful all along can be healed only by forgiving yourself. If we don't know how to forgive ourselves, that forgiveness doesn't come from the outside but from the inside, then you can't create empowered success.

Forgiving one self as a conscious act leads to a sense of completion. Then we can move on and not act out our failure over and over again.

We need to understand why we held on to being powerless for so long. There are payoffs for holding onto less-than-successful realities and failing to change.

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods is President and co-founder of Woods Kovalova Group. He has a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources. Mr. Woods has been a university professor where he taught productivity, organization, management practices, and leadership. Learn more about corporate training.