How to Be Happy and Successful

“We can be no more happy than we choose to be.” Jim Woods

“We can be no more happy than we choose to be.” Jim Woods

How many of your dreams will come true? Life is full of uncertainty. Surprises will pop up all along life’s path. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, where you will be in a few years, and what you will be doing? Life is like a suspense novel whose plot is very difficult to guess.

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You can’t control all of the circumstances of your life. Things both good and challenging will happen to you that you never expected. However, you have control of your own happiness. 

You alone, is the designer of your happiness.

One moment we are happy and moments later we can be in despair. 

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That was my belief system for much of my life. I accumulated the objects I convinced myself would make me unbelievably happy. With each acquisition I expected the joy. But it evaded me.  

If we are not careful, we may become overwhelmed, exhausted and most importantly miserable while attempting to project we are in control. Simply to impress people who ultimately do not matter.  

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We are meant to be happy. Life isn’t to be just hard. When we are fulfilled we embrace joy in the process, not at the end.

Materials and relationships mean most to us when we have laid bare our humble recognition that we don’t have all the answers, yet we are thriving to be our best self every day. We can’t wait to inspire others so they will be empowered to travel the journey with us.

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I had to delve deeply within myself.  Admitting that the trappings of position, honors, photographs with celebrities and politicians did not bring me joy. I began reading motivational books prompting me to place my responsibilities at the altar of my own feet.

I understood happiness doesn't supernaturally appear when I have focused my life on my public persona nor is it something given to us.

Happiness is something we need to create. On our busiest days we fail to hear the subtle beat of our inner awakenings to “be” when we strive to be seen with our masquerading public self.  

In building my business I worked for four years without a salary. I lived on meager savings. No car, movies, eating out, new clothes and riding my bike in near sub-zero weather to business meetings. I learned the patience of rediscovering myself. I assumed responsibility for all outcomes.

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Here are things I have discovered when it seemed my bad times would last a lifetime instead of a day:

1. Authentic people focus most on the inside persona

2. Authentic people build on the present and future

3. Authentic people are very particular with the company they surround themselves with.  

You turn joy and purpose into whatever your condition, to create an irresistible attitude. 

When you're thriving to be full of meaningful joy, you no longer require approval from other people. Your joy isn't framed in the public persona; The Emperor Without Clothes. A healthy self-image is developed with a humble recognition that real growth is a consistent focus on being rather than merely doing.  

Make an effective life by executing on the inside person. That creates a profound impact on the world.

My name is Jim Woods. I’m here to help you find real meaning in your life. Contact me for a free breakthrough discovery session to help turn your life around.

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods, President and Senior Consultant Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods, President and Senior Consultant Woods Kovalova Group

Jim Woods is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. His extensive cross-cultural expertise spans hundreds of companies. As President and senior consultant of Woods Kovalova Group, his proprietary leadership programs are engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world. Jim has a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources. He has been a university professor and is widely sought out for his extensive knowledge on changing human behavior. Hire Jim here.