How Managers Can Stand Up for Low Performers

Low performers are as much a result of poor management as inefficenices in self-leadership. Jim Woods

Low performers are as much a result of poor management as inefficenices in self-leadership. Jim Woods

Managers who are personally, high achievers may find it difficult to focus on low performers. The weakness of these A-type managers is that if they can't do something right the first time, they give up or they manufacture a compelling rationale that explains why it is not worth the effort to improve employee satisfaction.

Furthermore, such managers are afraid of getting labeled. As it presumably, question his or her competency. That's the very soul of who they are. These managers also keep busy schedules and are reluctant to slow down to learn new skills. Some positions can practice in private. But managers almost always train on the job.

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Managers can take three steps to enhance their company's human capital especially low performers. [Thank you for sharing]

Create an agenda. These successful managers maintain simple agendas, not long to-do lists. Their agendas are divided into three-time periods:

  1. Zero to six months
  2. Six to eighteen months
  3. Eighteen months and longer.

They have only two or three items on their zero-to-six-month frame for a start. They have a pattern to the overall agenda, but no more than a total of ten agenda items.

Create a support system. It can consist of close friends or people close to you in your organization who will help you if you stumble. We all require people who will tell it to us straight, who knows where our blind spots are.

Finally, dare to make a difference. Ask yourself, "Do I make a difference in the lives of other people?"

Managers who bring out the best in low performers, intentionally tap into a wonderful and often well-hidden resource. Ultimately the organization and individuals are much better for it.

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