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Bestselling Author Ken Blanchard on The Qualities of Leadership

Ken Blanchard speaks on leadership. As an organization face the urgency for change to remain competitive, they generally cut costs, develop new products, become more efficient or improve quality. This often compels to transform as well. With 72% of change programs failing, the culture will likely go unscathed as belief systems are more difficult to change than policies. However, because a new way of doing things requires a new way of thinking, especially from the leaders and organization the initiative will have merely minuscule results if any. 

The Top 25 Transformational Leadership Quotes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies claiming to be transformational are proliferating. When one looks deeper into whether those organizations are truly redefining what they are and what they do, stories of successful change efforts are exceptionally rare. Which is why most leaders have more in common with the Wizard of Oz than Peter Drucker.