How Racist Are You Personally and At Work?

Regardless of your role at work, you may have been either the recipient or facilitator of racism and discrimination in your life or organization. A conversation about “anti-semitism, unwanted sexual advances, or misunderstandings about LGBTQ lifestyles, marginalizing others is poison for your company.” How well one communicates discrimination and unconscious bias will define one’s impact as a leader. But, even more disconcertingly our behavior as humans.

How To Leave Work Stress at Work

Even if we like our job work can ultimately become stressful. We take our work home leading to more stress. Extending work hours by disconnecting from family or more opportunities for wellbeing. At what costs? At some point, each of us has brought work home. We unconsciously alienate ourselves from family and friends. But, honestly, in the end, what does that give us?

Why You Must Become a More Positive Leader

What does it mean for you to become a positive leader? Positive leadership is transformational. The real leaders whose legacy is they cared, empowered and who steadfastly supported their employees. The great leaders respond to people with love and care. Such a leader who cares will respond to blunders from employees with the utmost compassion rather than the default expression of condemnation.

How To Disagree Better

Conflict is the natural expression of teams. Not a placid response to what is expected to be free-flowing ideation. Regardless of how your team works there will arise seemingly insurmountable conflict. The conflict has a negative connotation. Primarily because we don’t expect, particularly colleagues, to..

How Healthy Eating Can Improve Your Team

Gives team members a new goal to work towards. If you’re finding it particularly challenging to motivate your team to eat better, why not gamify it? Establish small weekly goals centered on eating and drinking habits, such as cutting down on soda or eating fresh fruit and/or vegetables with every meal. In line with the focus on mental health, try to shift your goals away ….