How to Build a Successful Team

I can’t overstate the building of genuine trust in the development of a team. Enforcing who is in charge over we are in this together thwarts the real purpose of the team which is to develop new solutions. Not dictatorial control. Who’s in charge is not important when trust and respect are added to the equation.  Remember that the most effective team leaders build their relationships of trust and loyalty, rather than fear or the power of their positions.

  • Remember every employee's ideas as important. keep in mind that there's no such thing as a silly idea.
  • Be aware of employees' unspoken feelings.
  • Set an example to team members by being open with employees and sensitive to their moods and feelings. 
  • Act as a harmonizing influence. search for possibilities to mediate and resolve minor disputes; point regularly toward the team's higher goals. Register for our training webinars. Go>
  • Be clear when communicating. be careful to clarify directives.
  • Encourage trust and cooperation among employees on your team. Remember that the relationships team members establish among themselves are every bit as important as those you establish with them.
  • Encourage team members to share information.  
  • Engender trust and cooperation among members of your team. The relationships team members construct among themselves are necessary. 

As the progression of the team takes form, pay close attention to the many ways team members interact. Take steps to allow them to arrive to their own conclusions. The self-leadership of the team will be evident because of their growing communication, cooperation, trust, and respect in those relationships.

About Jim Woods

Jim Woods graduated from Capella University with a master’s degree in organizational development and human resources. He is President and senior consultant of Woods Kovalova Group, a management consulting firm located in Denver, CO, and Kiev, Ukraine. He has taught fifth-grade math and science and served as a university professor. Mr. Woods has consulted with MITRE, and Xerox, Whirlpool Corp. He is a published author. Jim is happily married to his business partner Lucy Kovalova-Woods. See our clients.