What Characteristics Make a Great CEO Better?

As humans, we expect and need every day to have a purpose. We need our lives to count. A true purpose is what allows us to find out who we clearly are, to find the meaning in our work, and discover our talents, competencies, and resources of true pride. it is necessary to ensure a fulfilled and a successful life.

So, in terms of the question of people, take a tip from CEO's we have worked with who understand what to do and how to do it properly. Purpose is an important form of motivation, so we want to constantly keep in mind of the role purpose has in our achievement and in the success of our organizations. If an inspired and energized team of workers are crucial to carrying out organizational goals, and if motivated employees will conquer all barriers, defying the odds, then they must be self-actualized people brimming with passion and power. It has been my experience that effective leaders help their people acquire a common aim while helping them recognize their personal capabilities. To inspire, CEO's are learning to be single-minded in their own personal purpose and passion after which they are able to help others develop their hopes and passions.  

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Studies suggests that people work for more than a paycheck. They live for a purpose. One poll of 540 adults employed full or part time determined the things that made them happy were doing what fits and is satisfying, they enjoyed interacting with the public by helping people and enhanced freedom and flexibility. Particularly not being micro-managed.

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One may posit the question, “Why aren’t leaders more aware of their time and influence on communicating encouragement to others?” The easy solution is they are preoccupied with their own obligations. Many are struggling to save their own job just enough to keep their heads above water and they feel increasingly trapped with engagements yearning for attention at all ends. 

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Many employees state their bosses are so distracted that they often overlook the most critical matters. They frequently say they don't have time, however it is clear they lack a plan on how to navigate the company, never mind themselves.

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Employees are astute. They understand what is needed from a passionate leader and will generally express a dissatisfaction in some means that something is lacking. As a leader, trust in your heart that the people who work with you are really in it for something bigger than themselves. They want what they do to matter supremely at the end of the day to mean something. 

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Once fundamental needs are met, research suggests that people want to be self-actualized. Maslow theorized there are five human desires and that self-actualization is the highest. He characterized a person who's self-actualized as focused on growth and meaning.

I've always admired those who are purpose-driven. Leaders who connect people with the company, the message, and the strategy find it far simpler to accomplish their goals and you can see the difference in the way they behave. They have an entire organization of people who are working, not just for a paycheck, but to achieve their own potential as individuals. People want to make a difference. When they believe that what they are doing matters, it motivates them and stimulates their passion and creativity. Passionate CEO's are energized face reality but also believe in possibilities. They connect with people through a central purpose. They know their success is the product of other people. Here are some strategies:

  1. Communicating, connecting, and inspiring people
  2.  A leader must understand the power of purpose at a personal level.
  3. They must know how to communicate that purpose with passion.
  4. Without sharing their goals and the things which are important to them, people simply lack the necessary motivation and creativity in their jobs.
  5. Be clear about your own purpose by understanding what really gives you that sense of accomplishment and drive
  6. Take the time to learn what drives others

When a CEO can connect people to purpose their lives will be enriched substantially. The company will attract the right people, revenues will increase leading to a more productive and uniquely happier workplace. Hire Jim Woods to improve the behavior and outcomes of your employees.

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