Why I Hate Teams. Conflict is Good

Image courtesy @lysanderyuen

Image courtesy @lysanderyuen

When I hear the term "being a team player" I cringe. This reminds me of the antagonist in an Any Rand novel. Someone seeking to suppress the importance of individual worth for groupthink. I'd personally require heavy doses of Prozac to follow without thinking what's in my best interest and that of the whole. Which is often the case in teams. So much is involved in creating cohesion among teams that true bold and brash innovations are left on the minds of those compelled to "get along." Most entrepreneurial mindsets don't always play nice with others. At least not all the time. Thank goodness for Einstein, Jobs and Da Vinci who would have never been hired today. 

“A Quartz article argues that typical corporate performance reviews focus too much on individual achievements rather than how good of a team player the employee is — one possible reason why "jerks keep gaining power and influence."

Which bring me to why performance reviews and feedback seldom produce "truths." They are replete with known and unknown biases. Jim


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