How Racist Are You Personally and At Work?

Regardless of your role at work, you may have been either the recipient or facilitator of racism and discrimination in your life or organization. A conversation about “anti-semitism, unwanted sexual advances, or misunderstandings about LGBTQ lifestyles, marginalizing others is poison for your company.” How well one communicates discrimination and unconscious bias will define one’s impact as a leader. But, even more disconcertingly our behavior as humans.

Unconscious Bias is Simply A Weed That Has Not Been Discovered

If you were to grade your own bias how would you rate yourself on your impact professionally and individually? Can you make improvements? Many people probably believe they aren't prejudiced. We trust ourselves to be ethical and impartial, too. Inside the workplace, however, we likely believe we’re true decision makers, able to objectively determine a candidate or employee’s overall performance and accomplishing a rational and honest end.

Is There A Clear Case of Unconscious Bias Against Author for Publishing Photo of Black Woman?

At the risk of being an outlier I am just going to say it by quoting Dr, Martin Luther King Jr., “There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” I am convinced black people misunderstand racism and bias as much as white people.