BELIEVE it or not, a company’s most valuable asset really is its employees.

It is always about the people. When I taught human resources in University the first thing I did was to have my students change the name of the book from "Human Resources Management" to "Human Resources Leadership." The distinction is significant in how Hr work and employees perceive. Both honestly asks If an organization did not have Hr could they still function? Could they function better? Learn more about our webinars. Go>

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Be more innovative and reduce attrition? As one with an HR degree it is actually an interesting posit. What do you think if you were a business owner trying to trim the fat? Please do not misunderstand. I well recognize the dysfunctions of an organization still originates at the top ..... and the middle. I have a great deal of respect for those in Hr who seriously view this as a matter of doing good. But, alas, their voices are stymied. Jim

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