Making Customer Service Better Than Good Enough

Great companies aren’t built on the restless sands of sustainable practices. What is customer service? It begins as a mission. An operating policy. Absent of a groan because a customer has called. See our clients

Customer service cannot be benchmarked in a world of relentless change. Jim Woods

  1. First make it easier for your customers to locate you. Place your phone number easy to locate.
  2. Give your customer your undivided attention.
  3. Don’t try to maximize every transaction but improve relationships so you have a customer for life.
  4. Remove “handle times.” You are to spend as much time as needed to thrill that customer.

Great customer service isn’t doing what your competition is doing. It is going above and beyond. Creating such an experience that “WOWs.”

Jamey Lutz in Ken Blanchard's Leading Change Blog writes:

"Isn’t the true objective to always satisfy our customers and just give them what they want? Not if your company is truly committed to driving business outcomes like higher customer return/retention rates, deeper relationships, a larger share of wallet, and increased referrals.  And, certainly not if you want to build a devoted customer base that will become avid extensions of your sales and marketing departments.

Mere satisfaction is just not enough in today’s increasingly high-tech, high-touch world. Customers simply have too many choices to take their business elsewhere.  Customer loyalty, on the other hand, is the perfect antidote to fickle consumers who will bail on you at the first minor hiccup. Focus on adding strategies that foster customer loyalty and consistently exceed their expectations.  Mere satisfaction or loyalty… what will you focus on today?"

A company cannot afford to be less than great in customer service. Where people and processes are turned from just retaining customers but creating WOW experiences where customer's who were happy are now willing evangelists. We are here to help you. We are happy to coach or provide workshops and speeches at your location. Please, take a moment to contact me here. Thank you very much for reading. I would be thrilled if you would take a moment to comment below. Jim Read our impressive back story Click here. 

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