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How to Confront the 8 Brutal Truths of Customer Service 

How to ensure your customer service team is proficient, empathetic, and engaged

What is the most significant factor you'll be able to do to enhance relationships with your customers? Sadly, the solution is obvious. It is frequently overlooked: improve customer service. Regardless of however ideal your product is or however proficient your employees are, one of the items that customers measure is the direct interaction they receive from your company.

Bottom line, your customer service team is on the frontlines of your customer. Good or bad they are the face of your company, and customer experience....

Making Customer Service Better Than Good Enough

Great companies aren’t built on the listless sands of sustainable practices except excellence. What is customer service. It begins as a mission. An operating policy. Absent of a groan because a customer has called. First make it easier for your customers to locate you. Place your phone number easy to locate.

15 Ways to Create Raving Fans in Employees and Customers

Innovation of an organization is not completed until employees and customers are respected equally. All organizations preach the mantra of employee engagement combined with improving customer service. They proliferate the traditional assumptions of command and control with smiles. As though senior management aproned, flipping burgers

The Real Imperative for Customer Service

The secret to great customer service may sound trite but true. It is about the employee. Having worked in customer service for years I have seen managers deride customers to find common ground to the point that the employee and manager deplore customers who call in.